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Wizard from The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight

The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight

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Document created by David Sinclair of Bard's Tale Memories, February 5th, 2000.
Conjurer Magician
Sorceror Wizard
level SPELL spell points target duration description:


1 ARFI 3 1 FOE (10') N/A ARC FIRE: a fan of blue flames jets from the spellcaster's fingers, inflicting 1 to 4 hits of damage, which are multiplied by the spellcaster's level, on the selected opponent.
2 FRFO 3 GROUP COMBAT FREEZE FOES: binds your enemies in magical force, slowing them down and making them easier to hit.
3 WAST 5 GROUP (20') N/A WARSTRIKE: an energy stream shot from the spellcaster's finger that sizzles a group of foes for 5 to 20 hits of damage.
5 SHSP 7 GROUP (20') N/A SHOCK-SPHERE: creates a large globe of intense electrical energy that envelops a group of enemies and inflicts 10 to 40 hits of damage.
7 FAFO 18 GROUP N/A FAR FOE: moves a group of foes 40 feet further away from your party, up to a maximum distance of 90 feet.
1 VOPL 3 CHAR COMBAT VORPAL PLATING: causes the weapon (or hands) of a party member to emit a magical field that inflicts, which causes 2 to 8 points of additional damage.
2 HOWA 4 1 FOE (10') N/A HOLY WATER: holy water sprays from the spellcaster's fingers, inflicting 6 to 24 points of damage on any foe of evil or supernatural origin.
2 MAGA 5 CHAR COMBAT MAGE GAUNTLETS: makes the hands (or weapon) of a party member more deadly by adding 4 to 16 points of damage to every wound it inflicts on a foe.
3 STFL 6 GROUP (40') N/A STARFLARE: ignites the air around your enemies, scorching them for 10 to 40 damage points.
3 OGST 6 CHAR COMBAT OSCON'S OGRESTRENGTH: endows a specific party member with the strength of Elik's ogre for the duration of the battle.
4 SPTO 8 1 FOE (70') N/A SPECTRE TOUCH: drain a single enemy of 15 to 60 points of damage; like a touch from death itself.
4 DRBR 7 GROUP (30') N/A DRAGON BREATH: let's the spellcaster breathe fire at a group of monsters, inflicting 11 to 44 points of damage on each monster.
5 STTO 8 1 FOE (10') N/A STONE TOUCH: usually turns an enemy to stone (except those already made of stone).
7 DEST 14 1 FOE (10') N/A DEATHSTRIKE: very likely to kill one selected enemy.
1 MIJA 3 1 FOE (40') N/A MANGAR'S MIND JAB: casts a concentrated blast of energy at one opponent, inflicting 2 to 8 points of damage for each experience level of the spellcaster.
2 DISB 4 PARTY N/A DISBELIEVE: reveals the nature of any attacking illusion, causing it to vanish.
2 FEAR 4 GROUP COMBAT WORD OF FEAR: an incantation that causes a group of enemies to quake in fear, thus reducing their ability to attack and inflict damage.
5 DIIL 8 ALL FOES COMBAT DISRUPT ILLUSION: destroys any illusions among the ranks of the enemy and prevents new illusions from appearing. This spell also exposes any Dopplegangers within the party.
5 MIBL 10 ALL FOES (30') COMBAT MANGAR'S MIND BLADE: strikes every opposing group within range with an explosion of energy capable of inflicting 25 to 100 points of damage.
7 MAGM 40 ALL FOES (90') N/A MAGE MAELSTROM: assaults a group of spellcasters and may do one of the follow: inflict 60 to 240 points of damage, turn them to stone, or kill them outright. However, because the maelstrom is illusionary in nature, a disbelieving monster can totally disarm it.
1 FOFO 11 GROUP (10') N/A FANSKAR'S FORCE FOCUS: lands a cone of gravitational energy on a group of your foes, inflicting 25 to 100 points of damage.
2 DEBA 11 1 FOE (30') N/A DEMON BANE: inflicts 100 to 400 points of damage on a single creature of evil or supernatural origin.
3 FLCO 14 GROUP (30') N/A FLAME COLUMN: creates a cyclone of flame that lashes out and delivers 22 to 88 points of damage to a group of your foes.
5 SOWH 13 1 FOE (70') N/A STORAL'S SOUL WHIP: whips out a tendril of psionic (mind) power to strike a selected foe, inflicting 50 to 200 damage points.
7 WIZW 16 GROUP (50') N/A WACUM'S WIZARD WAR: creates a pyrotechnical storm over a group of monsters, inflicting 50 to 200 damage points.
1 MEME 20 GROUP (50') N/A MELEE MEN: pulls an attacking group into melee range (10') regardless of how far they were when they began attacking.
4 NILA 30 GROUP (90') N/A FANSKAR'S NIGHT LANCE: launches a chilling missile against a group of foes, inflicting 100 to 400 damage points.
7 MAMA 80 ALL FOES (90') N/A MANGAR'S MALLET: inflicts 200 to 800 bone-crushing damage points against every monster group you face.
5 SPBI 16 1 FOE N/A BAYLOR'S SPELL BIND: If successful, this spell possesses the mind of an enemy and forces him to join and fight for your party.


3 MYSH 6 PARTY MEDIUM YBARRA'S MYSTIC SHIELD: causes the air in front of the party to form an invisible shield that's as hard as metal and precedes the party as they move.
5 ANMA 8 PARTY COMBAT ANTI-MAGIC: causes the ground to absorb a portion of the spells cast at the party by monsters. Often allows the party to escape unharmed. This spell also aids in disbelieving illusions and shielding against magical fire such as Dragon Breath.
7 WZWA 11 PARTY N/A WIZARD WALL: create a wall of force that travels with the party and absorbs many of the enemy's attacks.
1 PHBL 2 PARTY COMBAT PHASE BLUR: causes the entire party to waver and blur in the sight of the enemy, rendering your party difficult to strike.
3 INVI 6 PARTY N/A KYLEARAN'S INVISIBILITY SPELL: an invocation that renders the party nearly invisible to the enemy.
3 CAMR 26 PARTY N/A CAMARADERIE: has a 50% chance of calming any or all monsters in your party that have turned hostile.
1 HAFO 15 ALL FOES 1 ROUND OSCON'S HALT FOE: if successful, this spell causes every attacking group to do nothing during the next round.

summoning creatures

4 INWO 6 PARTY N/A ELIK'S INSTANT WOLF: summons a giant, extremely fierce wolf to join your party.
6 INOG 9 PARTY N/A ELIK'S INSTANT OGRE: materialize the biggest, meanest ogre you've ever met to ally with your party.
7 INSL 12 PARTY N/A ELIK'S INSTANT SLAYER: materializes a slayer that joins your party. What's a slayer? The name speaks for itself...
2 WIWA 5 PARTY N/A WIND WARRIOR: creates the illusion of a battle-ready ninja among the ranks of your party. The ninja will fight until defeated or disbelieved.
3 WIOG 6 PARTY N/A WIND OGRE: similar to ELIK'S OGRE, but the WIOG is an illusion.
4 WIDR 12 PARTY N/A WIND DRAGON: creates an illusionary red dragon to join the ranks of your party.
6 WIGI 13 PARTY N/A WIND GIANT: creates an illusionary storm giant that joins and fights for the party.
7 WIMA 14 PARTY N/A WIND MAGE: creates an illusionary Archmage to join your party.
7 WIHE 16 PARTY N/A WIND HERO: creates an illusionary hero to join your party.
1 SUEL 10 PARTY N/A SUMMON ELEMENTAL: creates a fire-being from the raw elements of the universe to join and fight for your party.
2 GATE 12 PARTY N/A GATE: bids a shadowy wraith to unwillingly join your party.
4 PRSU 15 PARTY N/A PRIME SUMMONING: forces a powerful undead creature to join and fight for your party.
6 GRSU 22 PARTY N/A GREATER SUMMONING: operates like PRIME SUMMONING but causes a powerful elemental creature to appear and fight for the party.
7 HERB 25 PARTY N/A SUMMON HERB: summons Herb to join your party. Herb is really busy, buthe'll hang out with your party for a while if you need him.
6 BRKR 60 PARTY N/A THE BROTHERS KRINGLE: the brothers are always ready to help friends in trouble. Enough brothers appear to fill the empty slots in your party.


2 WOHL 4 CHAR N/A WORD OF HEALING: lets a spellcaster heal a party member who suffers from 4 to 16 points of damage by uttering a single word.
4 FLRE 6 CHAR N/A FLESH RESTORE: a powerful healing spell that restores 10 to 40 hit points to a party member, including those stricken with insanity or poisoning.
7 FLAN 12 PARTY N/A FLESH ANEW: operates like FLRE, but affects every member of the party.
1 QUFI 3 CHAR N/A QUICK FIX: regenerates a character for precisely 8 hit points up to the character's maximum hit point level.
7 REST 12 PARTY N/A RESTORATION: regenerates the body of every party members to perfect condition; it even cures insanity or poisoning.
3 DISP 12 CHAR N/A DISPOSSESS: returns a possessed party member to the normal state of consciousness.
4 ANDE 14 CHAR COMBAT ANIMATE DEAD: reanimates a dead character with living strength so he or she attacks enemies as if truly alive -- combat only spell.
6 BEDE 18 CHAR N/A BEYOND DEATH: restores life and one hit point to a deceased character.
5 HEAL 50 PARTY N/A HEAL ALL: a BEYOND DEATH spell that resurrects every dead member (including those turned to stone), and heals all wounds, paralysis and insanity.


1 MAFL 2 VIEW MEDIUM MAGE FLAME: a small self-propelled "torch" appears and floats above the spellcaster as he travels.
2 MACO 3 N/A MEDIUM KIEL'S MAGIC COMPASS: a compass of shimmering magelight appears above the party and shows the direction they face.
3 LERE 5 VIEW LONG LESSER REVELATION: an extended MAGE FLAME spell that also reveals secret doors.
3 LEVI 4 PARTY SHORT LEVITATION: partially nullifies gravity, causing the party to float over traps, or up or down through portals.
1 TRZP 2 30' N/A TRAP ZAP: disarms any trap within 30 feet (3 squares), in the direction the spellcaster is facing. TRZP also works on chests, but still costs the same amount of spell points.
5 GRRE 7 VIEW LONG GREATER REVELATION: operates like LESSER REVELATION, but illuminates a wider area for a longer period of time.
6 MALE 8 PARTY INDEF MAJOR LEVITATION: operates like LEVI from level 3, but it lasts dispelled (i.e., until the spell is terminated by some event such as activating an anti-magic square).
7 APAR 15 PARTY N/A APPORT ARCANE: teleports the party within a dungeon to any location that's not protected by a teleportation shield. Also teleports the party between cities that are in the range of +1 to 6. Your party always arrives in the city's Adventurer's Guild.
1 SCSI 2 PARTY N/A SCRY SITE: causes a dungeon or wilderness pathway to reveal the party's location.
2 AREN 5 30' SHORT AREA ENCHANT: causes the dungeon walls within 30 feet (3 squares) of a stairway to call out if the party is headed toward the stairs.
6 PHDO 9 1 WALL 1 MOVE PHASE DOOR: turns almost any wall to air for exactly one move.
7 SASP 30 PARTY N/A SAFETY SPELL: teleports your entire party to the Adventurer's Guild in Tangramayne, minus all gold. Use this spell only in dire emergencies because it is not 100% reliable.
1 LOTR 2 30' SHORT LOCATE TRAPS: heightens the spellcaster's awareness in order to detect traps within 30' along the direction the spellcaster is facing.
3 SESI 6 30' MEDIUM SECOND SIGHT: heightens the spellcaster's awareness in order to detect all manner of traps and tricks that lie directly ahead.
4 CAEY 7 VIEW INDEF CAT EYES: endows the entire party with perfect night vision for an indefinite periods of time.
6 SOSI 11 30' INDEF SORCERER SIGHT: operates like the SECOND SIGHT spell, but lasts indefinitely.


???? 100 UNKNOWN UNKNOWN ???? Known only as "The Dreamspell," it is the subject of myth and speculation and no one knows this spell's code. Legend has it that this is a spell of such magnitude that it can actually rip the fabric of reality in half.

Quick list of all spells from all three games in plain ASCII text format


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