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The Bard's Tale Construction Set cover painting
The Bard's Tale Construction Set

The Bard's Tale Construction Set, released by Interplay in 1991, allows PC (MS-DOS) and Amiga fans to create their own adventures using the classic game engine from the Bard's Tale series.

It also comes with a sample adventure set in "Isil Thania".

Prepare to enter a wondrous world of adventure, created by the ultimate gamemaster—YOU!

All the dungeons, monsters, wizards and villains that made The Bard's Tale series of games one of the all-time best sellers are back. And they're ready to join a roster of new characters and enter new worlds of fantasy and adventure. Worlds created by YOU, the dungeonmaster.

YOU design the dungeons! Where do you put the pits? Where do the stairwells go? Teleport squares? Anti-magic areas? Will you use hidden doors or illusory walls?

YOU create the monsters to inhabit your dungeons! Design brand new monsters complete with eye-popping animations. Or create your own cast of ghoulish dungeon denizens by importing Deluxe Paint files.

YOU create all the artifacts you need to give your heroes a treasure worth fighting for! Magic swords, armour, potions, scrolls, magical spells, figurines, rings—all created to enrich your own fantasy world.

It's time for YOU to spin the ultimate Bard's Tale!

  • Full VGA graphics
  • Digitized sound effects
  • Supports all major sound boards
  • Easy to use, point-and-click interface
  • Contains a mini-dungeon ready to play
  • Contains actual dungeons from Bard's Tale I

Following is a brief background of the sample scenario included with The Bard's Tale Construction Set:

Star Light Festival — The small rundown village of Isil Thania is the setting of our story. Your band of adventurers has travelled from afar to witness the annual Star Light Festival in which an eerie light comes down from a star for one night only making the night into day.

While sitting at the Rainbow Bar waiting for the day of the Festival, a small twisted man approaches saying, "There's more adventure here for the brave of heart than meets the eye. If you want a real challenge ask the bartender about wine." With that he giggles and disappears down a sewage pipe.

Your first task will be to locate the Rainbow Bar to the south of the Guild and enter the sewers below the city. (Those of you familiar with The Bard's Tale series will recognize these levels as the exact ones found in Bard's Tale I: Tales of the Unknown.)

From there, you will engage upon a quest that takes you from one location in the city to the next, eventually to find the secret truths behind the Star Cult and the town of Isil Thania. Good luck!!!

Play The Bard's Tale Construction Set (MS-DOS version)

Adventures created by Bard's Tale fans using TBTCS

You do not need to own The Bard's Tale Construction Set to play adventures created with it.
So, if you'd like to play any game listed here, all you need to do is download it and play.

Original Software

You can download The Bard's Tale Construction Set from the Yahoo Group files section.
You can search for an original copy of The Bard's Tale Construction Set.

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Amiga menu screen for The Bard's Tale Construction Set

Main menu screen from Amiga version

Bard's Tale Construction Set Credits (1991)

Timothy Cain
Greg Christensen
John Philip Britt

Cheryl Austin
Todd J. Camasta
Brian Giberson
Dave Nelson
Robert Nesler
Hayato Ochiai
S. Tom Tanaka
Charles H. Weidman III

Charles Deenen
Jim Sproul

Isil Thania
(sample scenario)

Timothy Cain
Jim Gardner
Jacob R. Buchert III
Thomas R. Decker
Christopher R. Taylor

Thomas R. Decker

Feargus Urquhart
Jacob R. Buchert III
Jim Gardner
Chris Taylor
Mike Packard
Kerry Garrison

Special Thanks To
Michael Quarles
Troy Worrell

Manual by
Timothy Cain
Thomas R. Decker

Manual Illustrations
Hayato Ochiai

Manual Design
Vince De Nardo

Executive Producer
Brian Fargo


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