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Evil Magic User from The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate

The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate

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Walkthrough for Thief of Fate

Skara Brae

Overview: You start in the wilderness, in the Adventurers Camp. From there you need to go into the ruins of Skara Brae and go to the review board ( see map ). You will be instructed to destroy a certain nasty character located in the dungeons underneath the Temple.

The whole purpose of the Skara Brae Dungeons is to develop the characters into superhuman proportions. There is nothing to be done here that will solve the main quest. Once the Player party has destroyed Brilhasti, all mages except Chronomancers become Arch Mages. My advice is that you do not need a Chronomancer until the first quest is completed. So it would be to your advantage to keep all mages out out that class until its time to go on the main quest. This aids in building Hit and Magic points. When you create your party, you will need (minimum) 1 rogue and 1 bard. The thief will be needed at the final battle and the bard is needed for 1 song (Sir Robins). I found that a Fighter/Paladin is also needed (to become a Geomancer) and that 1 magic user will become a chronomancer. That leaves 2 others with a slot open for special characters (need to keep that slot open). I made them Arch Mages. Overall, the party was O.K.

Here is a diagram of the dungeons in Skara Brae:

    Temple Entrance                                                             
    Mad Gods Dungeon                                                            
           |-- Password:TARJAN -----> Level 1                                   
           |                   -----> Level 2  ( find word "chaos" )            
           |-- Password:CHAOS  -----> Level 3  ( Password:BLUE )                
                               -----> Level 4  ( Password:SHADOW )              
                               -----> Level 5  ( Password:SWORD )               
                               -----> Level 6  ( Kill Brilhasti )               

Levels 1 and 2 can be skipped if the player knows the "chaos" password and the magic users can cast mibl ( else the monsters are too powerful to survive very long).

This completes the first quest of your party and begins a new one. The place you have been directed to by the old man is Arboria. You will need to have the chronomancer speak with the old man to learn the needed spells. Even with the spells, once you get to the casting spot and cast the spell, you will need the decoder wheel to enter the alternate universe.


1. Meet Hawkslayer upon entering Arboria, have him join party. remember the word "iceberg" that he tells you. It will be used later
2. go into town and get gill spell from wizards guild.
3. talk with king who will set you on quest.
4. go out of town and get acorn.
5. go to lake, enter crystal palace and get water of life.
6. go to tower and on level 3 put acorn in hole and water with the water of life.
7. get nightspear on level 4.
8. exit tower and go to festering pit.
9. use spell apar to get near Tslotha Garnath and kill him.
10. take *everything* laying around, it will be used later.
11. go back to king and get access to grove.
12. enter grove and go to bowl in cavity of valarians chest.
13. put heart of tslotha in bowl and water with water of life.
14. door opens to left and get arrows of life and bow.
15. take items to old man in main universe. hawkslayer will not teleport with you when you go back, so strip him of all possesions before leaving.


1. go to outpost and read diary. get name "alendar". ( not really necessary, but the story is fun )
2. go to icekeep and on first level go to northeast corner.
3. cast the following spells to get rid of shimmering curtain: levi, anma, phdo.
4. enter passage and go to 4th level of white tower. Kill 6 white wizards and get lens.
5. go back to ice keep ( apar works best to get to passageway )
6. go to southeast corner and cast spells to dispell black wall: grre, shsp, fear, suel, spbi.
7. go to 4th level and bump off 5 black wizards, get lens.
8. go back to icekeep, northwest corner.
9. cast spells inwo, wihe, fofo, invi to dispell creature.
10. enter grey tower, go to 4th level, and blow away 7 grey wizards.
11. get lens and exit back to ice keep.
12. go to white marble slab and put all 3 lens' into it. Passage will appear and go down.
13. get wand and sphere on 2nd level of ice dungeon.
14. get back to worn ground and go back to skara brae review board.

note: you do not need to go into the 2nd level of the ice keep.


1. go to town and be taught devine intervention spell at wizards guild even the chrono can learn this spell (handy to have later). also have bard learn new song in bards guild.
2. go to dragon mountain and kill dragon on 2nd level.
3. get crystal key and dragon blood.
4. go to tower and go to third level. DO NOT KILL Cyanis. Use a staff of Lor OR cast a heal spell on him. If he charges you and tries to start a combat, run away and reenter the room. Bard song Sir Robin should be started before entering the room. Get the triangle from him and exit the tower.
5. collect a rose from all the bushes. To get the rainbow rose, pour the dragon blood on the bush to cause bush to bloom.
6. with all 5 roses in hand, enter alliria's tomb.
7. get crown of truth and belt. (see maps for solving problems)
8. head back to old man in skara brae.




Note: A geomancer is *required* in this world. There are two seperate spots where a wawa spell is needed.

1. go to black scar and get new spells and bard song. any magic user (chrono and geomancer included) can learn them.
2. go to the tar pit and pick up some tar. you will need a container so if your bard only has one flask, and doesn't want to throw away the water, go to a tavern in black scar and get another flask.
3. go to the dense forest and burn a tree to get to the black door.
4. go to the canyon and get the shadow lock.
5. go to the middle of nowhere and use the door and lock. enter and try to kill sceadu. Be careful, he takes about 8000 hits. and there is a battle after him. Get all left over objects and leave world.


Notes: BEFORE you complete this worlds quest, make sure that you have all of the experience levels you want. At the completion of this quest, the old man will die and that will be the end of advancement. I haven't tried going to a wizards guild in the other worlds, but maybe they still will give you levels. Make sure your powerful enough to finish this game. I recommend level 60+, arch-mages with 600+ magic and at least 500+ hits per person. Anything less than a 1000 is risky.

Note: you can skip all the other dungeons except berlin and tarmitia.

1. give the names to the ghost head in the berlin dungeon (see map). -> I don't know if this works since I went the long route to map this. you may have to start with troy's ghost head question and go from there in the proper sequence.
2. take on werra and 10 death guards. Tough battle.
3. get shield and head back to old man via skara brae teleport in northeast corner of tarmitia dungeon.


Note: prior to entering this universe, I would suggest stocking up the bard on spirits, 10 drinks should do. He should have a constant sir robins song playing. Run at all times until you get to the final battles. This is to keep your mages fresh for the fight. They will need to be at 100% magic AND 6 harmonic gems apiece. I think that if extras can be carried by anyone, gems should be it. Then make sure every spell caster has 3-4 gems before each of the final battles. there are a total of 3 battles with the last a double battle.

Also, remember to pick ap all the items you have been sent on quests for in the storage room at the entrance to Skara Brae. The old man left them there before he died. Steps to solve this universe:

1. go to each of the 6 statues on the first 3 levels and use items listed on map of level. this allows door on level 3 to go from faint outline to a usable door.
2. through the door is the first major battle. * piece o' cake *
3. go to just before door of next battle and save game.
4. Backup disk here if your system trashes disk when characters die.
5. fight battle - warning - vortexes are magic resistant and if they get close enough are deadly. an eama spell will swallow warriors.
6. save game just before final battle and backup disk.
7. cast wawa spell to get at center square of level 4. the final battle is 2 seperate battles. The key to beating Tarjan is to have your thief sneak up to him and stab in back. To keep Tarjan from making your life tough, you need to cast a >successful< prec spell. 2 diva spells are also helpful. The rest is up to you.
8. sit back and read the accolades heaped upon you.



Cheats for Thief of Fate

Brilhasti Trick

Take a level 1 character (who has never visited the review board) along with your strong party down to Brilhasti. Kill Brilhasti while making sure to keep the level 1 character alive. When teleported to the review board the character will advance to level 35. What a trick!

Peter Olsen

Unlimited Experience Exploit

If you can get into Arboria, complete the quest in that universe, and get back to the review board, the old man awards everyone 600000 exp. Now in this game, that isn't really alot, (about 2 to 4 levels?) but here is a glitch: if you go back outside, conjure up an air wolf or another creature and put it in slot 1, then go back in again, you will get another 600000 exp!! This can be done forever, so it kind of makes the rest of the game pointless. After 20-30 trips and your characters have enough hits and magic to destroy a world, the only battles you HAVE to fight are in Malefia ( where Tarjan is ). But you have to solve each alternate universes quest to get the spells allowing you to get to the next universe. I would like to know if this glitch is present in any other version (ibm, c-64, etc) besides the Apple IIe version I used.



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