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Document created by David Sinclair of Bard's Tale Memories, March 27th, 1998.
Conjurer Magician
Sorceror Wizard
SPELL Required Spell Points Target Description Required Level
offensive combat spells
ARFI 3 1 Foe ARC FIRE A fan of blue flames will shoot from the caster's fingers,
doing hits of damage to a select opponent, times caster's level.
FRFO 3 Group FREEZE FOES This spell binds your enemies with magical force,
slowing there movements and making them easier to hit.
MAST 5 Group ARCYNE'S MAGESTAR A bright flare will ignite in front of a group of your
enemies, temporarily blinding them and causing them to miss the next combat round.
WAST 5 Group WARSTRIKE Causes a spray of energy to spring from the caster's extended
finger, sizzling a group of opponents for 4-16 hits damage.
POST 6 Foe POISON STRIKE This spell hurls porcupine-sharp needles from the mage's finger
into a selected monster, poisoning it.
SHSP 7 Group SHOCK SPHERE a large globe of intense electrical energy envelops a group of
enemies, doing 8-32 hits of damage.
HOWA 4 1 Foe HOLY WATER A spray of water will emanate from the mage's fingers, doing 6-24
points of damage to any undead foe (e.g. skeleton, zombie, vampire)
WIST 5 1 Foe WITHER STRIKE Any foe at whom this spell is cast is likely to be turned old, thus
reducing his ability to attack and defend in combat.
STFL 6 Group STARFLARE The air surrounding a group of your enemies will instantly ignite,
causing them to be burnt for 6 to 24 damage points.
SPTO 8 1 Foe SPECTRE TOUCH This spell will drain a single enemy of 12 to 48 points of damage,
as if touched by a spectre.
DRBR 7 Group DRAGON BREATH Allows the mage to breathe fire at a group of foes, doing 8 to 32
points of damage to each.
STTO 8 1 Foe STONE TOUCH This spell will often turn an enemy to stone, or a stone monster
from living stone to dead stone. But it doesn't always work.
DEST 14 1 Foe DEATHSTRIKE This incantation is very likely to kill one selected enemy, big or small. 7
MIJA 3 1 Foe MANGAR'S MIND JAB The mage casts a concentrated blast of psychic energy at
one opponent doing 2-8 hits of damage for each experience level of the mage.
HYIM 3 Group HYPNOTIC IMAGE If successfully cast, this spell will make a group of your enemies
miss the following attack round.
MIFI 4 1 Foe MANGAR'S MIND FIST A higher power "Mind Jab" does 3-12 hits of damage to one
foe, times the experience level of the mage.
FEAR 4 Group WORD OF FEAR This incantation will make a group of your enemies shake in fear,
reducing their ability to attack and do damage.
CURS 5 Group CURSE Causes a group of your enemies to fear you greatly, lessening their morale
and their ability to hit and damage you.
DIIL 8 Party DISRUPT ILLUSION This spell will destroy any illusion fighting the party, and any
new illusions created later in the combat. It will also point out any dopplegangers in the
MIBL 8 All Foes MANGAR'S MIND BLADE A sharp explosion of psychic energy that inflicts 10-40
hits to each and every enemy you face
REDE 4 Group REPEL DEAD This spell will do 16 to 80 points of damage to a group of undead
DEBA 8 1 Foe DEMON BANE This spell will do 32 to 128 points of damage to a single demon.
The power to summon is the power to destroy.
DMST 14 Group DEMON STRIKE This spell works like Demon Bane, but it will affect an entire group
of demons.
SPELL Required Spell Points Target Duration Description Required Level
defensive combat spells
SOSH 3 Self Combat So SHIELD The mage is protected by an invisible "shield" of magic, that turns
aside many blows that would otherwise hit him.
AIAR 3 Self Combat AIR ARMOR This spell will make the air around the spell caster to bind itself
into a weightless suit of "armor."
MYSH 6 Party Medium YBARRA'S MYSTIC SHIELD The air in front of the party will bind itself into
metallic hardness and will accompany the party when it moves, as a sort of
invisible "shield."
MIMI 7 Party Combat MITHRIL MIGHT Increases the armor protection of each party member by
enhancing their armor's natural strength by magic.
ANMA 8 Party Combat ANTI-MAGIC Causes the ground to absorb a portion of the magical energies
cast at the party, frequently allowing the members to escape all damage.
Also aids in disbelieving illusions and in turning back magical fire, like a
dragon's breath.
YMCA 10 Party Indefinite YBARRA'S MYSTICAL COAT OF ARMOR causes an effect like "Air Armor"
to cover every member of the party, lasting indefinitely.
PHBL 2 Party Combat PHASE BLUR The entire party will seem to waver and blur in the sight of
the monsters, making the party very difficult to strike.
DISB 4 Party   DISBELIEVE This spell will reveal the true of any illusion attacking the
party, causing it to instantly vanish.
VANI 6 Self Combat KYLEARAN'S VANISHING SPELL The mage casting this spell will turn
nearly invisible in the eyes of his enemies, who will have great difficulty
in striking him.
INVI 7 Party Combat KYLEARAN'S INVISIBILITY SPELL This invocation will perform a
Vanishing Spell on the entire party.
MIWP 9 Char.   MIND WARP This spell will make a member of your party go totally insane.
Useful for possessions.
SPBI 14 1 Foe   BAYLOR'S SPELL BIND This spell if successful possesses the mind of any
enemy, forcing him to join your party and fight in its defense.
spells to summon creatures
INWO 6 ELIK'S INSTANT WOLF With this spell the caster can make a real wolf appear and join
the party, fighting in its defense.
INOG 9 ELIK'S INSTANT OGRE This incantation will cause a real ogre to appear and join the party. 6
ANSW 8 AKER'S ANIMATED SWORD A magical sword will appear and fight like a summoned
monster in defense of the party.
TADU 4 TARGET-DUMMY A magical illusion appears in the party's special slot. Unable too attack,
it will serve to draw enemy attacks to himself.
WIWO 5 WIND WOLF This spell creates an illusionary wolf to join the party. This and other illusions
are only effective as long as an enemy "believes" them. Depending on power and location,
the monster may see through the illusion, and cause it to vanish.
WIWA 6 WIND WARRIOR This spell will create the illusion of a battle-ready warrior that joins your
WIOG 7 WIND OGRE This spell will create the illusion of an ogre, which will accompany and fight
with your party.
WIDR 10 WIND DRAGON This incantation will create an illusionary red dragon to fight with your party. 6
WIGI 12 WIND GIANT This spell will create an illusionary storm giant, to join with, and fight for,
your party.
SUDE 6 SUMMON DEAD This will gate into our universe a zombie or skeleton to fight for the party. 1
LESU 8 LESSER SUMMONING This spell will gate into our universe a lower power elemental or
demon, who will (under protest) join the party.
SUPH 10 SUMMON PHANTOM This spell will bring a medium level undead creature into the party. 3
PRSU 12 PRIME SUMMONING This spell gates in a medium level elemental or demon, to fight with
the party.
SPSP 15 SPELL SPIRIT This spell will gate in a higher-level undead creature to fight for the party. 6
GRSU 22 GREATER SUMMONING This spell will gate a greater demon into our universe and bind
him to the party.
spells to improve battleskills during combat
BASK 4 BATTLESKILL This spell increases one of your party member's skill with weapons, increasing
the accuracy and ferocity of his attacks.
WROV 7 WRATH OF VALHALLA Makes a member of your party fight with the strength and accuracy
of ancient Norse heroes for the entire combat.
VOPL 3 VORPAL PLATING This spell causes the weapon (or hands) of a party member to be covered
with a magical field, which causes him to do an additional 2-8 points of damage.
MAGA 5 MAGE GAUNTLETS Makes a party member's hands (or weapons) more deadly, adding 4-16
points of damage to every wound he inflicts.
OGST 6 OSCON'S OGRESTRENGTH Allows a member of your party to damage monsters as if he were
as incredibly strong as an ogre.
healing spells
WOHL 4 WORD OF HEALING With the utterance of a single word the spell caster can cure a party
member of minor wounds, healing 2-8 points of damage.
FLRE 6 FLESH RESTORE This powerful healing spell will restore 6-24 hit points to a party member
and cure poisoning and insanity.
FLAN 12 FLESH ANEW This spell behaves like the "Flesh Restore" spell, except that it will affect
every member of the party.
REST 12 RESTORATION Makes all wounds disappear as your entire party is reforged into unflawed
bodies. Also cures poisoning and insanity.
DISP 10 DISPOSSESS This spell will make any possessed party member to his normal state. 3
BEDE 18 BEYOND DEATH This spell will restore life and one hit point to a character. 7
ANDE 11 ANIMATE DEAD Gives a dead character undead strength, making him attack your enemies
as though he were truly alive.
spells to heighten perception and improve orientation
MAFL 2 Medium MAGE FLAME a small, mobile "torch" will appear, and float above the spell caster
as he travels.
MACO 3 Medium KIEL'S MAGIC COMPASS a compass of shimmering magelight appears above the
party, telling the direction they face.
LERE 5 Long LESSER REVELATION This is an extended "Mage Flame" spell which also reveals
secret doors.
GRRE 7 Long GREATER REVELATION This spell functions like "Lesser Revelation" spell, only it
illuminates a wider area.
STLI 2 Short SABHAR'S STEELIGHT SPELL Causes all metal near the party to glow with magical
light, illuminating the surrounding area.
SCSI 2   SCRY SITE The walls themselves will speak, under direction of this spell, revealing
to the spell caster his location in the labyrinth.
AREN 5 Short AREA ENCHANT This spell will cause the dungeon walls within 30 feet of a
stairway to call out, if the party is traveling toward it.
STSI 7 Medium SABHAR'S STONELIGHT SPELL Makes all stone and earth within range of the
party glow with magical light, revealing even secret doors.
LOTR 2 Short LOCATE TRAPS In a state of magically-heightened awareness, the spell caster
will be able to sense a trap within 30 feet, if he faces it.
SESI 6 Medium SECOND SIGHT The mage will experience heightened awareness and be able to
sense stairways, special encounters, spell negation zones, and other unusua
l occurrences.
CAEY 7 Indefinite CAT EYES The member's of the mage's party will all receive perfect night-vision,
which will last indefinitely.
SOSI 11 Indefinite So SIGHT This spell functions the same as the "second sight", but it will last
spells to facilitate movement
TRZP 2   TRAP ZAP This spell will disarm any trap within 30 feet,
in the direction the party is facing. It will also disarm traps on chests.
LEVI 4 Short LEVITATION Partially negates the effect of gravity on the party,
causing them to float over traps or up through portals.
MALE 8 Indefinite MAJOR LEVITATION This will make the party levitate as does th
e level 3 spell, but its effects will last until dispelled.
APAR 15   APPORT ARCANE Allows the party to teleport anywhere within
a dungeon, except for places protected by teleportation shields.
PHDO 9 1 Move PHASE DOOR This incantation will alter the structure of almost
any wall directly in front of the party, turning it to air for exactly 1 move.

Quick list of all spells from all three games in plain ASCII text format


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